The super interesting facts about me

Yep, hi and welcome to some facts about me.

If they are super interesting? I don't know. But I mean you wanted this so here we go:

About me:

Hey, my name is Amy and I am 21 years old. I live near Munich and I am currently at the end of my print and media Bachelor and I like coffee. Yep these were the super basic facts but I guess if you follow me on Instagram you could already see that I have a *super small* coffee problem.

I am (more or less) funny and I love to interact with people so feel free to drop a message!

About my work:

I don't even know if this is necessary cause if you are on this page I guess you already know that I do something with Illustration. BUT THERE IS MORE *excited screaming*

I am also a freelance graphic designer working for different companies. 

What I do?

Ohhhhh a lot! Okay here's a list...

- Logos

- Illustrations

- GIFS ( social Media )

- Filter ( Instagram / Facebook )

So if you need any of the above (or something different) feel free to hit me up and lets work together!


Instagram: afgraphics__